Encoders, Encoding cards and USB Capture devices

Streaming Hardware is dedicated to selling encoders, encoding cards and USB capture devices. It is operated by Streaming Wizard Ltd which was established in 2002 and has extensive experience using encoders for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are streaming a pop concert, a 24x7 TV channel, video from a submarine on the ocean floor, a live link from the International Space Station or just you playing a video game for your friends to watch on YouTube or Twitch we have done it all and can provide advice on the best product for your circumstances.

Why buy from us?

Unlike many suppliers we are first and foremost a video streaming service provider and not simply a box shifter. Having streamed thousands of live webcasts since 2002 we have a much more in-depth understanding of how specific hardware encoders work and more importantly how to configure and connect them to streaming distribution servers and content distribution networks than most other suppliers.

As a result of this, many clients have come to us for our invaluable advice on what streaming equipment or hardware they should use and the best solution for their requirements. We have therefore started selling the equipment that we use ourselves. We know the equipment inside out and have direct access to the technicians who design and make the kit. Subsequently we can provide unrivalled levels of support that other "box shifters" can not.

Unlike most resellers of this kind of kit we only sell live streaming equipment, no plasma screens, no video conferencing equipment, just streaming hardware that we use ourselves on a daily basis. If it's not suited to the job you need to do, we won't recommend it!

Key advantages of buying from StreamingHardware.co.uk:
We use the equipment ourselves
Discounts on streaming hosting
End to end solutions
Competitive pricing
Superior support