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Niagara encoding range:

Viewcast's Niagara encoders include the highly popular 2200, which is an easy to use plug and play encoder which can create a H.264 stream to play through a flash play for platform independence. The Niagara 2200 is highly portable weighing in at just over 2Kg. This is an extremely cost effective solution for running live webcast's.

The GoStream Surf combines the best of both worlds along with several other formats and the 4100 introduces HD with broadcast quality SDI inputs.

The Niagara Pro II takes SDI inputs for fantastic quality at Standard Definition, and finally the Niagara 7550 is the top of the range encoder providing High Definition encoding.

Niagara Comparison Chart (PDF)

For more details and their data sheets, click on the images or list below.

Niagara 2100
Niagara 2120
Niagara 4100

Niagara Encoders:

Niagara 2200
Niagara 4100
Niagara 9100
Niagara Pro II
Niagara 7550
Niagara Gostream Surf

If you would like to know the price of any of these Niagara Live Encoders, please Contact Us.

Gostream Surf
Niagara 2200
Niagara 4100
Niagara Pro II
Niagara 7550
Niagara 9100